About Us

eSi-RISC provides a portfolio of IP, the flag-ship of which is the eSi-RISC configurable and extendable family of processor cores.

The eSi-RISC processor is unique in being configurable from a base 16-bit core to a full multi-core 32-bit CPU with optional cache, SIMD  and floating point support. The processor has been commercially licensed since 2012 and has been used in over 50 products in a wide range of markets. The eSi-RISC processor  uses configurability and custom instructions to provide a highly differentiated processor which can give our customers a competitive edge. It has the development tools, RTOS support and the eco-system required of a deeply embedded processor backed-up by a first class customer focused support team.

We also offer a library of peripherals and AMBA interface IP which are used to deliver complete integrated processor sub-systems to customers.